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Dear Susan,

The tip here is never to change the variables names! You may add new
variables, change the labels, change the variables places in the
questionnaire. When U open the rec file, epidata will ask U to update the
rec file and everything will be there. Bur if you change the variable name
in the qes file, EpiData will undestand that U erased the variable and
created a new one, and your data will be lost "for ever". :(  The chk files
follows the same principle. The name of the varible is what matters.  If you
want to change a varible name in a dataset wiht lots of observations then
you should look in the tools menu. There is an option to change variables

Best regards,
Pedro Emmanuel Brasil

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> When I go back and edit an ques file add questions, etc.  I want to retain
> the
> checks from the previous ques file, but incorporate new edits to ques file.
> How do I  make data file w/o overwriting previous checks and/or creating
> new
> data file?
> Susan
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Abraço forte e que a força esteja com você,
Pedro Emmanuel

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