[EpiData-list] Saving a CHK file when editing a QES file

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Sat Jun 14 05:18:51 CDT 2008

> When I go back and edit an ques file add questions, etc.  I want to
> retain the checks from the previous ques file, but incorporate new edits
> to ques file.  How do I  make data file w/o overwriting previous checks
> and/or creating new data file?
> Susan

Hi Susan,

In Epidata there are three main files associated to a data set:
QES the design of the layout and properties of the questionnaire
REC the data set itself
CHK the definition of check controls during tha data entry

In order to Enter data you anly need two of them (REC and CHK).

If you edit a QES file and update the REC using the revised QES your check
file will work if:
The name of the new REC files is the same as the name of the CHK file.
The names of the fields in the REC file have not been changed. For example
in the old file you have a field names SEX and you keep the same name in
the new version. However if you change the name of the field to GENDER the
CHK file will give you an error. (usually Epidata will ask you to display
where the erros are located, what will help you to fix the problems)

I am not sure but I think there was an option in EpiData Entry to save the
CHK file ate the same time that you are updating a REC file from a QES.
Can some one comment on that?

Hope it helps,

Pedro Arias. Stockholm

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