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Fri Jul 4 13:11:24 CDT 2008

A question was: 
"I am currently working on a Vaccine trial and I intend using epidata for
the study.  My problem now is that I have been struggling with how to
create a field to load photo ID. I need a help on this."

I suggest in addition to other help also to look at the "execute" 
command, which is a check file command that allows running external 
software during entry. From the help file of EpiData entry this example 
is found under "execute":
DEFINE tmpName _________________
LET tmpName="d:\pics\picture"+pictnum+".jpg"

The field PICTNUM is a integer field. If user enters the number 3 then a 
.jpg picture file called "d:\pics\picture3.jpg" will be opened by the 
default program for .jpg files. EpiData halts until pictureviewer (or 
–editor) is closed. at tmpName means that @tmpName should be replaced by 
the contents of the variable tmpName.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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