[EpiData-list] Adding/Revising Checks

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Fri Jul 11 13:31:00 CDT 2008

Edits to the check file can be made either way. The only way to add 
blocks such as BEFORE FILE or BEFORE RECORD is with the editor. These 
should remain intact when you revise the .QES, make a new .REC or edit 
the .CHK either way. Can you explain in more detail or send a 
before/after check file? What changes were you making?


John wrote:
> I have created the qes, rec, and chk files using 3.1.  When I use add/revise
> on the checks menu, make changes, and then save the file, many of the
> previously defined labels and commands are deleted.  My manual states that a
> check file can be created by using add/revise or the editor.  Can edits to
> the chk file only be made using the editor?

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