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In the check file


This should work.


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How can I create v3=value of v1 and value of v2?
ID      v1      v2      v3
---      ---     ---       ---
1       BW   101     BW101
2       CW   102     CW102


any tips?

Thank you in advance and best regards


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Subject: [EpiData-list] Adding/Revising Checks
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I have created the qes, rec, and chk files using 3.1.  When I use
on the checks menu, make changes, and then save the file, many of the
previously defined labels and commands are deleted.  My manual states
that a
check file can be created by using add/revise or the editor.  Can edits
the chk file only be made using the editor?


Thanks much,


John Hater

Memphis, TN


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