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Dear John:

Perhaps Exercise 1 ("Aggregating vs from Long-to-Wide", in Part D, 
accessed from the navigation "EpiData" at http://www.tbrieder.org is 
precisely what covers your problem.  Download the Task and solution PDF 
files there.



epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> I have a data file with multiple observations for each person and each of
> the multiple observations is on a separate record.  A person may have one,
> two, three, or more observations. I need to create a file with the first and
> last observation on the same record for each person.  Each record has a
> person's id variable, date, and observation number.   
> If I could first identify the first and last observations and then write
> them out to separate files, then it would be possible to rename the
> variables except for the id variable and merge the files using the id
> variable.  I searched the archive for something similar with no success.  
> Thanks,
> John 

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