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Dear Pedro,
Thank you for your kind and the great insights!
I guess I am thinking of visit number as control variable to know
number of visits per patient which of course I could do it later on.
So I guess it was just matter of "can't wait until time of analysis to
know the answer per patient". I better hold down my horses until
analysis time then!  :-)

Best regards

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> Dear Ziad,
> Of course a visit number is interresting... if you want visualize your data
> and order it by visit number. Having a visit number at your paper forms is
> also interresting for the very same reason.
> However, most analysis softwares such as R and Stata do not bother with the
> visit number while running survival analysis - which I guess you will do
> later. :)  For survival analysis the most important data is the date of the
> evaluation, somehting indicatig what happened at the period, and a date
> indicating the beggining of the period. Most softwares have available
> analysis whith time dpending variables - which has a dataset wiht a
> structure containing the same patient at several lines - each line a
> different period. Of course to do that, there must a unique idenfier for
> each patient which will be repeated all the lines where the same patient
> appear.
> Again, visit number is important but not that importatn. As a previous
> answered, if you already started your job and you have a lot of data in your
> dataset it will be easier to insert a variable indicating visit number.
> Otherwise, you could update you qes file with a nwe variable indicating
> visit number.
> Best regards,
> Pedro Emmanuel
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