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Dear list members,

Below you'll find a message posted on this list November 2003 and  
referring to the error message "one or more records are corrupted".

I have had this error in EpiData 3.1 after my computer crashed in a  
power cut.

The remedy was similar or the same as described below: I had to open  
the "x.rec" file in a simple text editor program and delete all the  
non-data crap at the end of the file. Then it was possible to open it  
again in EpiData.

best regards,

A type of error like this is very difficult to find since it can be due
to many factors. e.g. network failure, network cache failure, disk
occupied failures etc. But to minimise this type of error the principle
of saving files was changed with version 2.1 to eliminate that error.

And from v2.1b that type of error has only until now been reported from
two instances in Kenya and China from situations where the computer lost
power while entering data. The cause of the error was in both cases that
the operating system (not epidata) were handling open files at power
breakdown in a way where end of file markers were faulty.

Even if the error still occurs only in rare cases we will consider a
tool to "repair corrupt files" as part of the tool. The idea being to 1.
read the file structure. 2. read the records from the start of the file
and write them to a new file. 3. If a record was not of correct length,
then tell the user how many records were retrieved.

Jens Lauritsen

 >>> <epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca> 24-11-03 16:08 >>>
Hi - Periodically (perhaps every few months) I am not able to open a
file, and get the message that "one or more files are corrupted". Our
person will find that the end of the file marker has to be reset, and
that is done, we're able to use the file again. We're now using
EpiData2.1b, although this has been happening for probably about a
with previous versions. I'm wondering if there is anything we can do
prevent this "file corruption" from happening.  I'm wondering if this
problem could be related to my editing records in EpiInfo that have
originally entered in EpiData.


Elise Lennon, RN, MPH
Research Analyst
Massachusetts Rural Domestic Violence and Child Victimization Project
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
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