[EpiData-list] New test build 141 for EpiData Analysis

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Sat Aug 9 14:49:23 CDT 2008

Another build of EpiData Analysis is now ready from 

Thanks to several users for reporting smaller and larger bugs. All 
reported major bugs been removed in build 141.

Some problems will not be removed until a complete rewrite, e.g. related 
to regression and correlation. Users can see these on the mantis system 
as http://www.epidata.dk/php/mantis/login_page.php Acknowledged issues 
here means they will be handled later. The only problems currently not 
investigated or decided upon are :
- small sample size percentiles
- some strange test results for some situations of gamma and Chi2.
- global variables (define .... global) are not completely independent 
of settings in windows

The main news since current public release is:
- removal of many small bugs and inconsistencies

New or rewritten commands:
- CIPLOT: new command to show proportions and Confidence Interval
- HELPVIEW: new command show html file in help window
- Read data from the clipboard, e.g. copied from spreadsheets.
- Browse and Update extended (e.g. show labels and copy to clipboard)
- List display labels (list will be changed to a table format in v2.1)

Extended commands:
- Recode: value labels automatic
- BAR and Histogram: Y axis can be scaled as percent: Option /PCT
- Weight variables can be non-integer
- Merge accepts comparing upper string with string key

- Menu and toolbar design simplified and unified (for translation)
- Translation: All dialogs translated (ready for translators)
- More options for display font size

Waiting for final decision before release as v2.1:
- KMPLOT: Kaplan-Meier plots (expected, but not fully decided)

I am aware that it can be annoying to keep getting information on new 
builds, since we are releasing for test about once a week. But there is 
no other way of informing and asking for assistance in the "bug removal" 
process.  - apart from the internal test routines, which now test more 
than 1890 aspects routinely.

As usual the test version is available from

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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