[EpiData-list] Repeat values in other records

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Fri Aug 29 08:33:34 CDT 2008

Dear EpiData friends,

Im storing data form a particular a research of a diagnostic test. Each
patient will colect three samples during the protocol. Each sample should be
at least one week apart from each other. This means that the name and number
of the patient (but not the sample) is repeated trhee times, but most
likely, not in consecutive records.

I looked for in several chk commands but didnt figure out a solution yet. Is
it possible, when the cursor is at the name field and a type "Mary", EpiData
shows all the "Mary" already in the rec file, so I could pick one of them
and fill the name exactly as filled in the first patient record?

The objective here is to avoid things such as:
record 1: name: "Mary Smith"
              patientnumber: 1
             samplenumber: 1

record 23: name: "Mary Bush Smith"
               patientnumber: 1
               samplenumber: 3

In Openoffice spreadsheet, for example, when I start typing a name that was
typed before a sugestion to complete appears. It does not have to be exactly
like this but something similar.
Abraço forte e que a força esteja com você,
Pedro Emmanuel

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