[EpiData-list] New EpiData Analysis ready for test - again

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Tue Sep 2 11:29:50 CDT 2008

Some problems with menu dialogs showed up in b145 which made me release 
b146 today of EpiData Analysis.

The main difference from yesterday (b145) is changes to CIPLOT dialog.

But unfortunately today we have discovered a number of problems with the 
dialogs as well in b146:
"RUN" button does not work - use "execute" instead.
means dialog takes wrong variables to the command line
For some graphs the x and y texts are missing.

The main problem this shows is that in addition to the batch testing 
which we do on estimates etc. some principle of testing user interface 
should be added.

Another issue reported is very small font size in printing. If someone 
have experienced this let us know - in particular if there is a solution

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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