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Dear EpiData friends,

I figure out a workaround for my problem at last, the only problem now is
that my partner has a preference in typing the name of the patient two or
three time then to work with the solution.

To remind: Im typing data from patients in  which each colects 3 blood

so my qes looks something like:

identifier ####
name<A               >
samplenumber #
result #

Assuming that my patients will be inserted in the data file three times
each, I wanted to avoid differences in the typing of the names, such as
missing letter or middle names comes in one record but not in the other.

so the solution was:


identifier ####
name<A               >


  key unique

  relate identifier projectresult.rec


identifier ####
samplenumber #
result #


  key 1
  Autosearch list identifier

The first problem here is that the field name can not automaticaly be
inserted in the projectresult.rec, such as with TYPE COMMENT. By
consequence, later I will have to merge the two files side by side to have
the name of the patient or other id fileds in the results file (not very
difficult but not automatic). The work around to see the name while typing
is to tile the related windows horizontaly, then one can see the name and
the number of the patient at the top of the screen and the data at the
botton at the same time. The second problem is that autosearch does not work
in the child file. It is necessary to navigate (F7 or F8) by the (few)
records of each patient to reach a new empty record for that patient, and at
last, for some unknown reason my partner, who is typing the data, likes
better to work only with one screen. The idea of pressing F8 to find a new
record and F10 each end of child record to return to the parent record did
not seem to be atractive.

Maybe Jens could consider a "autocomplete" check command for string fileds
for a future update of EpiData entry.

Best regards for all,
Pedro Brasil

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> "I looked for in several chk commands but didnt figure out a solution
> yet. Isit possible, when the cursor is at the name field and a type
> "Mary", EpiData shows all the "Mary" already in the rec file, so I could
> pick one of them ....."
> Look in helpfile for EpiData Entry under "Autosearch"
> Autosearch is a look-up function that checks the remaining data file for
> records with certain data. Look-up can be defined to be on one field or
> a combination of several fields.
> Let us know on the list your solution - and experiences
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