[EpiData-list] Epi Analysis test release 146 (2nd Sept) - Few suggestions

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Wed Sep 3 00:09:26 CDT 2008

 Dear Jens,
It is heartening to see that the development of Epidata Analysis is continuing at rapid pace. Few suggestions;

1. The graphs have been disabled. None of graph dialog box is opening.

2. Correlation coefficient “r” information needs some face lift. Can the coefficient of determination, r2 that is the measure of meaningfulness of “r “ is provided?
It is only a square of “r”, one might say, but multiple “r2” calculations from one database can be cumbersome. EPI6 was providing both r and r2 with 95% confidence intervals also.
3. Epi Analysis development is hard work but you are fast approaching the release of a wonderful product that will be far better then EPI6 while preserving its full functionality.  

With regards, 

Shavinder Singh

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