[EpiData-list] I think a found a bug

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Wed Sep 3 11:32:33 CDT 2008


I think a found a bug. I was having a difficult time to look at a simple
dataset at Stata to control patients inclusion. After several try outs and
different sorts, I found that some dates were changed. That is... paciente
that recruited in june had dates in july, some that were at the 25aug2008
were shown as 1aug2008. At first, I tought that was typing error. Than I
checked one by one and most of it were correct at the epidata dataset but
wrong in the stata dataset. Thereofre I think there is something wrong in
the export tool to stata format.

Later I will try other ways, and softwares of export data to see if the same
dates keep coming wrong. Did anyone have any experience like this?

Also I found yesterday that EpiData does not import from Stata 10, only
Stata9/8. Any update soon?

Abraço forte e que a força esteja com você,
Pedro Emmanuel

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