[EpiData-list] "run error" in analysis test build 145/46 fixed

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Wed Sep 3 13:37:36 CDT 2008

The error mentioned on the list of "graph dialog and "run" has been fixed. For this reason a new build 147 is now on the test site. Usually we will not put out this many builds, but since the dialogs are a crucial part of the testing I decided to do so. 

Regarding the other comment :
"2. Correlation coefficient “r” information needs some face lift. Can the coefficient of determination, r2 that is the measure of meaningfulness of “r “ is provided?"

I can only agree. The whole linear regression and correlation part will be rewritten, but I do not expect this to happen before early 2009.

Some issues in relation to translation are being worked upon. V2.1 will not be released in general before these are settled. 

Kind regards

Jens Lauritsen

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