[EpiData-list] EPIC bug report - fails on Stata7 option.

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Thu Sep 11 08:02:55 CDT 2008

EPIC.exe has a bug. It failes with a pointer error Access Violation when trying to use the export to "Stata7" option. It does leave a small Stata .dta file which has a size of 717 bytes. Stata hangs on trying to open this small file.

Specifying the Stata, Stata5 and Stata6 options works fine. I've tried the command in various formats (lower/uppercase etc), on local hard drive, network drive etc. Windows XP. Any chances of a quick fix?

This is a problem for me because Stata6 only has 8-character variable names, whereas Stata7 doesn't have this limitation. With EpiC, my Stata data cleaning process could work automatically from the most recent data entry version.

Would a 200 Euro donation to the Epidata association help fix this problem at some point in time? 

C:\tmp>EpiC.exe export stata7 file1.rec file1.dta

EpiC - the EpiData command application version 3.1  10. Jan. 2006
(C) Copyright 2002-2006 - EpiData Association, http://www.epidata.dk
Programmed by M.Bruus. Design: JM.Lauritsen & M.Bruus

0 % doneException EAccessViolation in module EpiC.exe at 00001C3C.
Access violation at address 00401C3C in module 'EpiC.exe'. Write of address 0000


Jan Brogger

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