[EpiData-list] Opening html files in excel and using not equal to blank with date fields

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Mon Sep 15 02:50:06 CDT 2008

Dear Christine

If you wish to change the use of brackets in the AR% column, you can do 
this by adjusting the changing the "TABLE PERCENT FORMAT COL" set option.

As default the value is "P1{}"  (without quotation marks), but you are 
free to change it. If you are in doubt refer to the help file (under 
tables) where there is a link to the set options regarding tables and 
how they are formatted.

Regarding your second question i cannot find any syntactical errors and 
the use of "." for blank is correct (and respectively "<> ." for NOT 

Would it be possible to send along a datafile and a short .pgm file 
illustrating the problem.

Kind regards,
Torsten Bonde Christiansen.
Developer EpiData.

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