[EpiData-list] data entry on PDAs for EpiData

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Thu Oct 16 19:38:39 CDT 2008

Thanks Ras for the info pointing towards DataDyne.org and their PDA  
tool which even got a recent award.

The other tool I was alerting to is eSTEPS from WHO. It is of course  
also in the public domain (i.e. freely available) and runs on Windows  
and PocketPCs (with Windows mobile) whereas the Episurveyor currently  
runs on the PalmOS and its devices.
In addition with eSTEPS:
  	• You can calculate the value of one field based on the value of  
another during the data collection process.
	• You can do lookups from one data table for data collection.
	• You can change fonts, font colors, or font sizes, rotate between  
landscape and portrait format of the screen.
	• You can show pictures on the screen (useful to illustrate meaning).
	• You can run eSTEPS on any PocketPC.

  There are many other features of eSTEPS and anyone interested to  
obtain it should contact Leanne Riley from WHO on rileyl at who.int
   Maximilian de Courten

On 17/10/2008, at 7:31 AM, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:

> Hello All!The new form of capturing data with PDA or Mobile  
> application is
> known as Episurveyor  and it is facilitated by WHO and datadyne.   
> for free
> software please check www.datadyne.org
> Thanks
> Ras Sedzro

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