[EpiData-list] EpiData Analysis v2.1 ready

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Fri Oct 17 18:05:43 CDT 2008

V2.1 of EpiData Analysis has been placed for general download on the 

All changes since last public release as v2.0 build 129 are documented in:

Main changes are:
1 new commands:
 Lifetable Lifetable and Kaplan-Meier plots, including estimation of 
differences and testing of similarity btw. groups. 
 Stattables : summary reporting
 CIplot: Plot of proportions and confidende intervals for strata defined 
by other variables
 Read /CB: read delimited data from clipboard, e.g. copied from spreadsheets
2 rewriting:
  many commands and internal structures, including update and browse
3 enhanced and clarified:
  all outcome related estimation commands are synchronised with outcome 
variable first.
  enhanced options, e.g. /pct giving percentages on bar and histograms
  graphs allowing /by
  increased number of user "set" specifications including modifiable headers
  percentiles for small n table based, see 
4 bug removal
  all known bugs removed

Report and discuss on this list please. Definete errors should be 
reported to the Mantis database

More information on credits and funding later
- without this and user involvement in testing the development would not 
be possible.

Jens Lauritsen

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