[EpiData-list] Re: Problem with underscore character in variable name

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Sun Oct 19 14:45:45 CDT 2008

"According to the documentation, an underscore character is allowed in 
variable names. And, indeed, I have no problem defining new variable 
names with an underscore and using them in analysis (v2.1.0.151). .... 
However, when the data have been saved and one opens the file for 
further analysis, the variable has been renamed v1 (or v2, etc). "

Actually this is a bug in analysis. Will be corrected.

Explicitly _ is NOT allowed. Where in the documentation is _ allowed. 
This is a misrepresentation.

The reason is :  _ is the representation of a string variable in the qes 
file, but apparently we made an error in the analysis allowing for this 
on generate. (e.g. gen i abc_d = 1  or define abc_d # )


Jens Lauritsen

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