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I am a user who does not have administrative rights so may thanks for the new feature.
I like the new version of Epidata Analysis but I have one small issue. When I go file open in the programme editor It always opens up to the test data file directory C:\programme files\epidata\test data and i have to navigate to the directory where I saved my programme. With the old version if I clicked open in editor it would open at the directory of the last programme I used (e.g. F:\programmes\health protection\outbreaks). Is there something I can do to change to make the new version do this?



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>>> <epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca> 23/10/2008 4:52 p.m. >>>
A few bugs has been found in the public release the latest week:
   a. In Epicurve when started from the menu, the time variable could 
not be date - fixed
   b. In Epicurve the default Yincrease is now set to one. (/yinc=1)
these are fixed, in addition
  c the reported error with define and gen of variables "_"  will be fixed

An increasing number of users cannot install files on their own pc. 
Since Epidata software is not really installed, but only unzipped and 
copied the zip file for download does not contain an install file, but a 
zipped copy of an installed version.

This means that all users who have problems due to lack of 
administrative rights should be able to download the "Setup (zip)", 
unzip and place somewhere, e.g. a subfolder to the desktop. It is then 
up to the user to edit the ini file found via the edit menu to the 
correct path/folder name.

If you are not using epidemic curves there is no reason to change from 
build 151 to 152.

Jens Lauritsen

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