[EpiData-list] Update for EpiData Analysis v2.1 and news on further development.

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Sun Nov 2 08:18:33 CST 2008

A new build for EpiData Analysis has been placed for general download.
 From v2.1.0.154 it is possible to give dates as a parameter to x-axis 
limits in EpiCurve and Kaplan Meier Survival plots.
e.g. Epicurve outcome dayonset /xmin="01/10/1986"  /xmax="25/10/1986"
Notice the DMY format.

A few other bugs have been solved. If you are not using Epicurve there 
is no reason for updating.

A recent seminar in Canada forms part of the intensified development 
ongoing this year. This collaboration is with the Assocation of Public 
Health Epidemiologists in Ontario, Canada, see: 

On the testing page (http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php)  v2.1.1.154 
includes two new commands released for tests and comments:
xbar   /Range,    xbar /Sigma ,   and      ichart /MR   - these will 
perform double charts used in Statistical Process Control analysis and 
visualisation. An extended user manual is in development and expected 
ready for general use in about one month.
G-charts are expected within 1-2 weeks for testing.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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