[EpiData-list] Default behaviour of EpiData Analysis

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Sun Nov 2 11:30:45 CST 2008

There will always be differences as to how users wish to run different 
commands. Some time ago a discussion was on the list regarding the list. 
The decision was to move as  much as possible to options, since 
otherwise the users have to issue different commands for changes.

As was suggested by B.Branger why not "get back" the "set statistics", 
"set table percentage" etc.

The problem of this is the implementation in the menu system (dialogs), 
which becomes a bit messy. The suggestion for users is rather to use the 
following technique:
Add to your epidatastat.ini:

define tableoption __________ global
tableoption = " /t /R /C"            // or whatever you prefer
or shorter:
define t __________ global
t = " /t /R /C"            // or whatever you prefer

Now in your actual pgm file or at the command line, just issue:
tab v1 v2 @t

You might say "a bit annoying" to add @t, but still less than writing 
the options.

Another aspect of the issue is that the set definitions mentioned are 
part of the Epi Info v6 specification, but many users who did not do 
statistical analysis with Epi6 are not aware of this by now.

Jens Lauritsen
Epidata Association

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