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Fri Nov 7 03:46:58 CST 2008


Three suggestions on last version of Epidata Analysis 2.0 (very good on the

- a regression line in scatter graph is imperative like EPI 6 and all the
statistic softwares ++

- a  few "set command" are desirable; for example  :

  * "set statistics = on" instead to write /t for all the commands 

  * "set table percentage = row" instead to write /r for all the "tables"

- "set freq percentage= column" instead to write /c for all "freq" commands


A question about "lifetable" command (very useful and pratical) :  

- In understand that the method is "actuarial" ou "lifetable"

with a range of time for the calculation of probability (1 by default).

The result is the same than SPSS with the command "lifetable" and time 

range = 1. It's not Kaplan-Meier method because the probability is not 

calculated at each event, (or calculation of remaining number at each 

censored data).


Thank you your observation.




PS : I modify this week the help on my site www.reseau-naissance.fr


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