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Tue Nov 11 16:29:13 CST 2008

You should not have those spaces in the field definitions (id # # #). I 
hope that you have defined id as ###.

If so, then you can do this:

In EpiData Analysis:

read failure
sort id
savedata failure2

Then in EpiData Entry:

revise failure.qes, changing
  id ###
  id <idnum>

Save this file as failure2.qes
Choose Enter Data and say yes when you are asked to revise failure2.rec

Now the field ID is a 5-digit id number field and will automatically go 
to the next  higher value when you enter data.

Be sure your paper copies of data are marked with the same id number 
assigned by EpiData

Jamie Hockin

Carlos wrote:
> I have 300 records, each was stored in a disorderly file,  "failure.REC"
> How can I get these same records appear sorted by id, in the file
> failure.REC  when I try to enter  an new records?
> So when you enter the id 300, so this can then enter the id 300?

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