[EpiData-list] SPC commands for testing and other aspects of EpiData Analysis v2.1

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Sun Nov 16 07:28:35 CST 2008

Dear All

We are approaching finalisation of the current SPC graph implementation 
in EpiData Analysis. But await comments and further testing by users and 
specialists. Some errors were found in build 155 for Ichart-moving range 
charts. Today build 156 has been uploaded.

Since public release of v2.1.0 the following SPC graphs have been 
implemented in the test version 2.1.1. build 156 available from 
http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php :
Gchart, UChart, XBar (Sigma and Range), CChart, Ichart moving range

Apart from the new commands it would be good if users would comment 
further on the new aspects of v2.1, e.g. the current implementation of 
lifetables. How is it working in practice, is the help file sufficient etc.

An issue was raised on the list  regarding use of "actuarial versus 
Kaplan-Meier" principles. It seems as if this relates to use of floating 
point variables (e.g. 1.4 week) for the time variable, which now is read 
as a rounded integer variable. Following further clarification I will 
notify here.

Next in line in the development is release of a translation tool, such 
that analysis can be translated in a "smooth" way. And in analysis 
further implementation of "set ...." will be added to facilitate easier 
default setting of user options. The following general "set" will be added:

set graph option=" ......"          (for all graphs)
set table option=" ......"          (for cross tables and frequency tables)
set spc option=" ..... "            (for spc graphs and analysis)

Possible also the following will be added for means, describe etc.: set 
descriptive option=".....  "


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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