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Wed Nov 26 16:58:01 CST 2008

See the EXAMPLE files in the EpiData folder: house.chk, person.chk, 

These show how relate works in EpiData Entry, and your files would seem 
to match them. In Entry, the relationship goes from

house --> relate to person --> relate to visit
that is, multiple persons per house, and multiple visits per person.

In Analysis (as in Epi Info), the order is reversed:

read visit
merge personid /file="person.rec"

So your example should be

read second
merge fiche /file=first


Bernard wrote:
> I have a problem with “relate” for two related files (with merge command),
> and it’s OK with EPI INFO 6 (DOS)…
> The key is “fiche”. I wrote these commands (I simplify) :
> read “first.rec”
> merge fiche /file=”second.rec”
> and is written : 
> Non-unique key in: second.rec

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