[EpiData-list] Test of a new "set" principle and question on definition of SPC commands

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Thu Nov 27 05:01:29 CST 2008

At the test page http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php a new build (158) of
EpiData Analysis has been placed for testing and commenting here on the

The main new aspect is a change in user specifications for set commands as
a consequence of the discussion on this list last week.

For all commands each user can define his/her own options, e.g. if
you desire row percentage and chi square tests always for tables add to
your epidatastat.ini file:
set option tables = "/t /r"
If you have the custom instead to use the short form of tables you would
set option tab = "/t /r"

Two "command group" set commands are predefined:
set OPTION GRAPH	(all graphs excluding SPC graphs)
set OPTION SPC	(SPC charts including pareto chart and run chart)

Another area for testing is the extended SPC definitions, with new
graphs: ichart /mr, gchart, cchart,uchart and ichart /t2

A suggestion has been made to change SPC charts such that the "time"
variable is only used when the user specifically wishes to do so. It is
expected that after a certain build/release the syntax for SPC charts
will be:

Xbar-S measurement‭  ‬time
Ichart measurement‭ [‬time‭/label]*
Uchart count volume ‭[‬time/label‭]*
Cchart count‭ [‬time‭/label]*
Pchart count total‭ [‬time‭/label]*
Gchart "time at‭ ‬incident‭"‬        (only one
Pareto categories‭

Where [time/label]* indicates that this variable is NOT mandatory. If
given this will be used as a label (like /xlabel), when the variable is
string and as a value for  x when it is numerical.

Comments to this change are welcomed.

Jens Lauritsen
Coordinator and initiator of EpiData Project

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