[EpiData-list] EpiC Installation Instructions--Please review if this is correct?

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Sat Dec 6 04:02:09 CST 2008

 Dear All

I begun testing how I could automate some routines (data export mainly) using EpiC. I searched around on the website for instructions on how to install and use EpiC. I am not a programmer to start of with, but in the EpiC.PDF document it states the ff : "EpiC is a utility for some of the functions and tools in EpiData. EpiC can be run from a command prompt or from a command (or batch) file, making it possible to automate repetitive tasks". So I wondered how to invoke the command prompt in Windows?? (cmd in run). I finally managed to solve this like so:
11:41 AM 12/6/2008
EPiC installation:

1.Download the EpiC.ZIP file from Epidata.dk
2. Unzip to EpiC folder using unzip program (7-zip)
3. Open EpiC folder and find 2 files in it: EpiC.exe and EPiC.pdf
4. Copy EpiC.exe into the Windows system32 folder (you will need admin 

previlages for this):
VISTA: C:\Windows\System32
XP: C:\Windows\System32

Now in the same folder as the .REC file was created/stored, create a new 

.TXT file (call it export_epic_commands.txt). In this file write the EpiC 

commands. E.g. to automate export to SAS (see other commands in EpiC.PDF 


epic e sas inputfile.rec outputfile *

Once the commands are typed into the TXT file, save it, and then rename the 

extension to CMD, like so export_epic_commands.cmd. 

This is now executable by double-clicking it. 

Once executed 3 (you will see a black screen flash a couple of time--very 

fast!) additional files will be created in the same folder where the .REC 

file was: outputfile.sas and outputfile.txt and EpiC.log (this file has all 

the commands executed and error messages--be sure to check it; compare with 

codes provided in the EpiC.PDF file)

Please let me know if I have overlooked anything or it is not necessary to copy paste EpiC.exe in the system folder (seems odd to be be doing this, as sometimes admin previlages are not availabe?


S Kauchali
South Africa



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