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Hi Epidata members,
I am trying to figure out how the relate function works in Epidata. I am following the examples on the epidata website. I downloaded this zip file today: Relate example - Clinical Study with four forms
Working example of the structure for a Clinical study with a start, then by relating on id entering data into basic person information, sideeffects, status information and pre-study level. 
This example is giving me all kinds of errors. First, I thought that it was because the Start.Rec and Clinical Study.rec are the same. I excluded all the files starting with start.*.  This wasn't the case, I narrowed it down to the file controlvisit.rec. The error received is : The field id is KEY UNIQUE, but duplicate keys were found in records 1 and 2.
A second error pops up directly after the first one:
Access violation at address 004138D3 in module 'EpiData.exe' Read of address 00000000.
I am looking forward to learn more on how to solve this issue.
Happy Holidays!
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