[EpiData-list] problem with dialog box

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Wed Jan 14 21:44:29 CST 2009

The latest test build (159) lets you resize the Tables dialogue box. 
I've seen your problem only on one other computer, where the font was 
too large to fit into the dialogue box. This is not a problem with most 
Windows setups, but reason is not known.

Wayne wrote:
> I downloaded EpiData Analysis V2.1.0.157 and wanted to conduct a basic analysis.  I can read in a dataset and click on the "Analysis" button. If I select something like "Tables", a dialog box opens up that cannot be resized (to see all of the options in the dialog box).  Is there an easy solution to this? Dragging the corners of the box with my mouse does not seem to work, nor does pressing any button while dragging the box.  It seems like there should be a scroll bar on the right side too so that one can scroll down to see the "Sorting" options; without this ability, the Sorting options are cut off.
> Reinstalling EpiData does not seem to solve the problem either.
> Is there a simple solution to this problem?

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