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Thu Jan 15 02:01:45 CST 2009

We are aware of this problem with the dialog boxes. At the moment I am 
working on redesigning the dialog for graph commands such that resizing 
is possible and there no longer will be need for a "More//Less" button.

Hopefully the new test version will be out friday next week.

Kind regards,
Torsten Bonde Christiansen.
EpiData, Software Developer.

epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> The latest test build (159) lets you resize the Tables dialogue box. 
> I've seen your problem only on one other computer, where the font was 
> too large to fit into the dialogue box. This is not a problem with 
> most Windows setups, but reason is not known.
> Wayne wrote:
>> I downloaded EpiData Analysis V2.1.0.157 and wanted to conduct a 
>> basic analysis.  I can read in a dataset and click on the "Analysis" 
>> button. If I select something like "Tables", a dialog box opens up 
>> that cannot be resized (to see all of the options in the dialog 
>> box).  Is there an easy solution to this? Dragging the corners of the 
>> box with my mouse does not seem to work, nor does pressing any button 
>> while dragging the box.  It seems like there should be a scroll bar 
>> on the right side too so that one can scroll down to see the 
>> "Sorting" options; without this ability, the Sorting options are cut 
>> off.
>> Reinstalling EpiData does not seem to solve the problem either.
>> Is there a simple solution to this problem?
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