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Sun Feb 8 15:18:52 CST 2009

Mark from TriSano asked on the list about how to best integrate analysis 
with other systems.

The whole issue of integration has a lot of room in the EpiData Project 
and a number of tools are already capable of solving various aspects of 
this. E.g.:
1. EpiC: Batch data conversion, documentation, validation, backup, 
2. EpiData Analysis: Reporting systems for repeated analysis.
3. Documentation and examples - see the documentation part of the main 
       - in particular study the technical documents.

The documentation for EpiC is available from the documentation site and 
the conversion process of this year for EpiData Analysis and EpiData 
Entry adds to the diversity of integration possibilities. I expect the 
whole documentation for this to be ready later the coming year, but 
would in general say that the path follows this line for using EpIData 
Analysis with data created in other systems.

The first thing would be to know whether exported csv files from the 
other system can be read. If not we could extend the import routines 
based on the experiences. Errors or inconsistencies can be reported to 
the Mantis database.

Looking forward to a possible collaboration in this sense. (I will 
contact TriSano directly off list.).

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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