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Tue Feb 10 13:09:39 CST 2009

Hi to All,
> I have a very simple question: when I am trying to export data to 
> spss, the export menu transform the .rec files into .sps files, ie 
> syntax and not .sav files, ie data files. Any idea why?  Thanks for 
> your help  Best Regards  Dr Jean-Francois Trani , London.

The explanation is quite simple. SPSS, SAS and other commercial software 
companies like M$ are using closed (proprietary) data formats, which 
they are not documenting. Therefore we cannot export to .sav format.

This is in contrast to e.g. EpiData or Stata, where the file formats are 
fully documented and available for general download. I suggest you write 
an e-mail to SPSS and ask why they have a secret data file format. I 
would be astonished if they even answered your mail. The system of 
closed formats is even more strange. Earlier we had (in my hospital 
department) license for SAS for some years (cost around 1200 Euro per 
year for one PC) for about what EpiData Analysis can do. And now we 
cannot even use our licensed exe files to read the data again......

This is one of the reasons why we develop EpiData Software. ... For 
users in extensive need of converting data I suggest to look at the EpiC 
utility we develop or you can look at StatTransfer, which is working 
quite well and has the policy "once paid - use as long as you like".

Kind regards
Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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