[EpiData-list] New Analysis - release candidate as v2.2

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Sun Feb 15 06:17:45 CST 2009

Since previous release of EpiData Analysis quite a few changes have been 
implemented. Most of these fall in two groups:

a. Bug fixes of minor (spelling, parsing certain data sets etc) and 
major  importance. Of major importance are a few in relation to 
aggregating data (aggregate and Stattables) and some if statements. Also 
some parts of other graphs, e.g. epicurves which would show  incorrectly 
as connected rectangular bars when outcomes were separated by long periods.

b. Enhancements and further implementation of  SPC (Statistical Process 
Control Graphs)

New chart types have been added (xbar-s, uchart , cchart), and further 
possibilities of doing proper analysis, e.g. freeze mean and limits 
based on first part of data, further warning tests (t4 and t5) and the 
setup of variables has been simplified.
Additionaly a new "spc from scratch" menu has been added. You will find 
this on the graph toolbar submenu.

c. Translation is now possible. But further documentation and contact to 
translators is needed. Users will find the translation tools on the 
testing page (in windows and linux versions). Please also test these.

After test and removal of identified bugs this build will be released as 
Known issues are: some datasets will give floating point error with 
xbar-s - please report on this. The internal validation routines used 
here are being updated to a new structure.

Users are highly urged to test the new build and report problems here or 
in the feature and bug reporting database. 

The test versions are available from: http:\\www.epidata.dk\testing.php

Other changes are expected soon in the documentation with a shift of 
core documentation (technical documentation) to a "wiki" based principle.

After v2.2 a quite long period should be expected without new builds 
(apart from removal of identified serious bugs). The core parts are 
being rewritten to a common form for as well EpiData Entry, Epic and 
Analysis. And next test release will be based on this new core for all 
three parts.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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