[EpiData-list] serious backup problem in epidata entry

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Fri Feb 20 06:47:54 CST 2009

Until this is fixed, train your users to press the F10 key to exit. This 
avoids confusion about which 'x' to hit.

The no-fail workaround (requires no training):

You can also force the backup by using a small batch file to launch 
EpiData and copy the files to your backup folder.

In your data folder, create a small batch file: (e.g. 

echo off
"c:\program files\epidata\epidata.exe" mydata.rec
copy mydata.* x:\backupfolder /Y

Then change the Windows shortcut you use to launch entry of your data to 
the target:


and the start location to


Creating a unique desktop icon (shortcut) for your project, rather than 
having users launch epidata on their own gives you the ability to do 
this sort of thing

Steve wrote:
> The problem is that after the user clicks 'save record to disk' and wants to exit, he/she usually clicks the top 'x' on the upper right side of the screen, which is the way most software works.  Unfortunately, the backup is not done unless the user clicks the lower 'x'.  

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