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Hi Stephen,
A much more robust solution is to export to Stata and then read the Stata 
file into SPSS (in 'open' simply change the file type to Stata/.dta). SPSS 
has bought the StatTranfer - excellent program to convert between 
different statistical programs -(from version 15 i think) and is able to 
open a lot of different file format from the competing statistical 
programs - quite smart of them ;-)
Kind regards

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[EpiData-list] SPSS v17 export problem


I have recently "upgraded" to SPSS v17. My exports from EpiData to SPSS 
format no longer work.

The error messages I get in the SPSS syntax editor are:
14 DATA LIST Unrecognized text appears on the DATA LIST command where a 
variable name was expected.  Text: TO 
69 VARIABLE LABELS This command is not permitted before the beginning of 
file definition commands. 
137 execute This command is not valid before a working file has been 

Can someone suggest a resolution?

Thank-you kindly.
Stephen Drew
Health Data Analyst
Region of Waterloo Public Health
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