[EpiData-list] v2.2 of EpiData Analysis - released

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Wed Mar 11 18:34:34 CDT 2009

Version 2.2 has been released for public downloads today. You can get it 
from http://www.epidata.dk/downloads.php

The file is provided as a setup exe file, but also as already installed, 
where all files are contained in a zip file.

Since last public release in november 2008 quite many aspects have been 
improved or adapted. In particular the whole SPC (Statistical Process 
Control) graph system has been extended with more options and more 
efficient layout. Also a grid for creating SPC graphs from scratch has 
been implemented. - is available from the graph menu.

Some set commands have changed, such that users can be forced to update 
any specified ini file that was created with the former version. An 
extension is the possibility for the user to create preference options 
for all commands, example:
set option tables = "/t /r /c"
would define that all tables done with the command "tables" will be 
added the options /t /r and /c

Just today an error with stratified tables and small sample sizes was 
reported - the error is now fixed. The problem was that some strata 
would be combined incorrectly. Analysis done previously should be 
repeated with the new version and proper control. Please report any 
remaining problem.

To see all changes go to the file:

Commands are all as previously documented in the command reference, 
which will open when you press F1.

Please notice that the release of this depends on donated funding, as 
documented on the page:

Users should update to this version of analysis, since some of the bugs 
removed could affect results. The development continues with further 
online documentation and teaching materials as well as core module 
restructuring, such as announced on the list recently.

Jens Lauritsen

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