[EpiData-list] fixing the p50 problem

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Sun Mar 29 15:13:24 CDT 2009

Bono Branger gave an example of an existing problem with Epidata 
Analysis. The problem relates to the median (P50) for life-tables.

I am aware of the "non-fixing" of the problem. Obviously we will fix 
this problem, but you must also be aware of the nature of the project. 
We are NOT a company, we do not get any license fees from the users. We 
are fixing problems within certain timelimits and priorities.

Just now - as I have informed on this list - the priority is to rewrite 
some core modules for long term sustainability. We will get to the p50 

Reproducible errors should be reported to the bug tracking system - for 
which you find the address on the website epidata.dk (Mantis system).

Anyone not satisfied with the principles can at any time choose not to 
use the software and buy (expensive) commercial software.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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