[EpiData-list] double entry verification : problem when entering numerical fields

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Fri Apr 10 07:55:31 CDT 2009

Dear Epidata Team,

First we have to thank you very much for the quality of your software.

We intend to use EpiData for a double entry verification.
Unfortunately, we have found a problem when entering numerical fields.
If the keyboarder types  001  in a 3 digit numerical field, Epidata
stores 1 (whitch is quite normal). But during the verification step, if
they enter 001 again ... there is a message to remind them that there is
a difference. Of course, the difference is between the stored value 1 et
the first typed digit 0.

This is a problem for us.
In the framework of Clinical Trials, the operators have to enter exactly
what is written on the CRF.
A solution could be to define the field as a text one. But of course
this allows to enter letters instead of digits, and that is not enough

We also tried to associate a numerical range (000-999) to the text 3
characters field (in a .CHK file). With this kind of control, typing
a11  is denied, but typing  1a1  is allowed...

Do you have an other solution or idea to solve this problem?

In your forum, you answered to somebody that this problem will be solved
in the next version of EpiData. Have you already an idea of the
availability date of this version?

Thank you very much in advance,

Valérie Conte

Valérie CONTE
Directrice technique adjointe du CREDIM
Chef de projet développement

Centre de Recherche Et Développement en Informatique Médicale
Institut de Santé Publique, d'Epidémiologie et de Développement
Casier 11
Université Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2
146 rue Leo Saignat
33076 Bordeaux Cedex

Tel :
Fax :
Mel : mailto:Valerie.Conte at isped.u-bordeaux2.fr
Web : http://www.isped.u-bordeaux2.fr

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