[EpiData-list] double entry verification : problem when entering numerical fields

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Sun Apr 12 14:34:05 CDT 2009

There are a couple of solutions posted already, but I want to point out 
that this problem of leading zeros has been around since punch cards and 
is something that could be avoided by starting such numbering with, for 
example 100 (if that fits with the maximum id number being 999) or 
coding the sequential ID within a sequence such as Site #, ID # (e.g. 
site 1 has ID numbers 1000-1999, etc).


Valérie wrote:
> If the keyboarder types  001  in a 3 digit numerical field, Epidata
> stores 1 (whitch is quite normal). But during the verification step, if
> they enter 001 again ... there is a message to remind them that there is
> a difference. Of course, the difference is between the stored value 1 et
> the first typed digit 0.

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