[EpiData-list] clearing all "legal comments" in data-entry before starting

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Wed May 6 04:31:43 CDT 2009

Even in using dataentry for many applications, I never had this problem
the new database has a "base.rec" with basic informations about a unit
and connected with "relate" a file with 25 lines, all similar (only the
var names changes) describing actions through a code . The line consists
of date, actions and a small comment-field. The actions are numeric and
the label appears when typed with the "type" command. One unit can have
more than one of this actions sheet; when a sheet is full the user
starts a new one.
Till here there is no problem.
---- action file ----
id ____             jenr aujourd'hui <Today-dmy>
jcd01  <dd/mm/yyyy>    jca01  ##                 jcm01 ________________
jcd02  <dd/mm/yyyy>    jca02  ##                 jcm02 ________________
jcd03  <dd/mm/yyyy>    jca03  ##                 jcm03 ________________
The problem appears only - what happens daily - when the user has to
add one or two "action-codes" for one unit, than has to change to
another unit and add new actions for another unit and of course on an
other actions-sheet. At that moment the action labels from the first
sheet appears also on your screen and theses comments are usually wrong.
So I want to add a "clear comment legal  all"  command  in the before
record block of the corresponding chk-file but that is not possible. Is
there another method to get to the same result ?


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