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Sun May 31 05:04:27 CDT 2009

Technical Message/developer oriented message.

As announced earlier the development time available is focused on moving 
towards the complete rewriting of common core modules and principles.

This is for most users only relevant in terms of long term maintenance 
and stability. But as such does not change principles of working or 
immediate design of the visual parts of the software - be it Analysis or 

The new core modules will be implemented over the next year. First in 
EpiC, then in Analysis and finally in Entry. The latter combined with 
developing a focused data entry module accomplishing the regulations of 
good clinical practice guidelines and FDA part 11 compliance.

Also the translation principles will change since the conversion to the 
new core requires combination of the translated parts of Entry and 
Analysis. More news on translation will follow within the next month.

The core modules reads data from disk, saves data to disk and handles 
aspects such as conversion of dates, changes from integer to string 
variables etc.

Obviously thorough testing of this is very important. The real batch 
testing will be implemented as part of the EpiC conversion to the new 
core, but technical oriented users are encouraged to also test the new 
module in reading and writing data files. Currently reading and writing 
can be done on any file in format EpiData (rec+chk) and any Stata 
version from 4-10.  Dbase, csv and possibly more formats follows.

The first release of a test application is now available for windows and 
linux from the testing page:
Please notice that it is purely a test application which should NOT be 
used for routine data. Work on copies of data.

Please discuss problems and success on the epidata list. Errors should 
be reported with attached example files (no sensitive data) to the new 
bug reporting system which will replace the Mantis system. The current 
address for the flyspray system is : http://www.epidata.info/flyspray/  
but this might change.

regards Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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