[EpiData-list] Is it possible to link the follow-up to the baseline using EpiData?

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Mon Jun 29 07:17:09 CDT 2009

You seem to have good control of data entry. I think the safest way is 
to use Analysis to check for records that do not match.

However, I wonder if you could populate your follow up file with JUST 
the fields used to create the ID field and the ID field, leaving all 
other fields blank. Everyone doing data entry would have this file.

Then use AUTOSEARCH to find the matching record. If no match is found, 
data entry proceeds as for a new individual. This would be especially 
useful if the forms used indicated when an individual was new, so that 
the person doing data entry would know when to expect no match.

I have never done double entry with AUTOSEARCH.

You will have only a bit of work to do to eliminate all of the duplicate 
records. This should be easy because all of the other fields will be 
missing. (MERGE might still work as long as you keep the non-blank fields).


Emilie wrote:
> I have a question about linking the follow-up round of a survey to the
> baseline which was data entered using EpiData. The follow-up is a new
> database that will be linked to the baseline during analysis. During data
> entry, I want to make sure that the IDs entered in the follow-up match those
> from the baseline in the household roster of the survey. No member that was
> in the household in the baseline should be missing, however new members can
> be added to the household.  I have villageid, householdid, and personid,
> each of which is entered separately. I can then create a unique id which
> combines these to ID the unique individual.  
> The baseline data was entered using double data entry where the data was
> compared dynamically (Menu Option: "Double Entry verification") and the
> follow-up will be done in the same manner. The survey is large and the data
> are entered on several different computers that are not networked.  
> The only way I can think of to link the follow-up to the baseline in order
> to compare the IDs would be to do a mini double data entry after the first
> data entry of the household roster where I check only the IDs for the data
> and see what is in the follow-up that isn't in the baseline, but this seems
> like a poor solution. I would prefer to do something dynamic, which 1)
> doesn't allow the data entry clerk to move on to another household until
> they have entered all of the IDs from the baseline and 2) flashes a warning
> if there is an ID entered that does not match with the baseline. I don't
> think that EpiData has these capabilities. 

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