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Mon Jun 29 10:58:44 CDT 2009

Greetings -

I can't find the link to upload the test data on the bug development
system, so I temporarily put it at:


until you can move it over (item a, below). I have some excellent
programs for generating realistic test data, but it looked so real I am
afraid it may get mistaken for real data and get me in trouble. I would
be glad to make some other datasets for testing. My usual practice is to
set up an EpiData database, enter a few records, export them them, then
use a program to generate similar data, which is imported back in as a
EpiData file.

Setting aside (b) and (c), as far as (d) goes (and considering Torsten's
comment on Ubuntu Linux:

I do have the basic Ubuntu 32 bit and will put it on a USB hard drive.
Right now only the 64 bit is installed, for which I have the entire
repository. Unfortunately I use an AT&T wireless 3G broadband and don't
have it working with Linux (although Ubuntu has a 3G driver).

Pete Geddes

epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Good to see Pete Geddes testing.
> The idea of a number of "complicated" random data sets for testing is
> a good one.
> Just four comments:
> a. It would be good for the further testing if you could create a zip
> file with the data and upload to the bug/development system - see the
> link on www.epidata.dk/testing.php
> b. It seems you are reading the dates as : mdy, but looking at the
> data the dates are ymd
> 00063364;.........;1949/07/29;N;1958/04/19;CHE;75683
> which might explain the strange date values you have seen.
> c. Regarding UTF-8
> This really does only come to play with localised alphabets/letters.
>>  11 d1         Date of Birth         Date (mdy)    
>> 10                       
>>  12 v1         Gender                Upper-case text
>> 1                        
>>  13 i11        Date Entered          Today (mdy)   
>> 10                       
> d. regarding Operating systems
>    The linux version. We will create a list of dependencies.
>    Next in line is testing a Mac version - but awaits arrival of
> hardware.
> regards Jens Lauritsen
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