[EpiData-list] Is it possible to link the follow-up to the baseline using EpiData?

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Thank you, this is a very useful tool.  

On a slightly different note, could something somewhat similar be done
within the check files during (relational) data entry so that upon
completion of entering all data for a household in several different files,
an automated check would tell if a particular id doesn't show up in a
particular file, before starting data entry for the next household? 

Thank you again,

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A very efficient way of getting to know how many times does this "id" 
appear in the files for a given project is:

a. Make sure all files are on the same pc -
b. Use documentation in EpiData Entry - and find "count by id"
c. Now in this function point out the files from the project
d. The system looks for field names in all files
e. pick the one which is id and then you see a  list of files and number 
of times each id appears in each file
example output:
Selected files: (a list of the files)
File 1 = e:\epidatastat\test\_testdata\gastro1.rec
File 2 = e:\epidatastat\test\_testdata\gastro5.rec
File 3 = e:\epidatastat\test\_testdata\penn2.rec

4028 different values for ID found

ID            1    2    3
1             1    1    1
2             1    1    1
3             .    1    2
4             .    1    3
5            .    1    1
6             1    1    1

regards Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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