[EpiData-list] EpiData Core module ready for testing

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Thu Jul 9 06:18:36 CDT 2009

I tried the core module on some real data with lots of dates and missing 
values. Same results under Windows and SUSE linux.

Read/write of EpiData .rec/.chk are fine

Write of Stata (I used v7) is fine - dates and missing values come 
through OK; missing text values show up as ".." Data as viewed by Stata 
v7 are perfect.

Read back of Stata has problems. Dates are not recognized as dates, so 
just the serial numbers come through as numbers; missing text values 
appear as "..", which would be easy enough to identify. The original 
text fields were a single character, though.

Write of .dbf was allowed by the version available on July 8, but only 
wrote the header and a few fields on the first record. Read back of .dbf 
produced field names and junk (when read by Excel, the .dbf had only the 

It is encouraging to see identical results for Windows and Linux versions!


Jens wrote:
> The new core modules will be implemented over the next year. First in 
> EpiC, then in Analysis and finally in Entry. 
The first release of a test application is now available for windows and 
linux from the testing page:
> Please discuss problems and success on the epidata list. Errors should 
> be reported with attached example files (no sensitive data) to the new 
> bug reporting system which will replace the Mantis system.

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