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Thank you very much for this workaround! This is exactly what I need. It 
worked fine after adding an extra 'endif' and 'end' to field2.

epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Peter,
> I get the same result. The problem also arises with a <yyyy/mm/dd> date 
> field. The problem is worse with this format as illegal dates get stored 
> in the .rec and then are unusable. This is a bug in the parsing of 
> dates, as any date with extra digits in either part should be caught. 
> I'll add an entry to the documentation system.
> If you have a challenging data entry situation, you could separate day, 
> month, year into three fields and apply the checks separately. Here is a 
> way to do that. An invalid date is always caught, either by the 
> individual ranges or by the date function under field2. Field1 and 
> Field2 are created when the "first word" option is chosen for creating 
> .rec files. Error checking during data entry can be turned off, but the 
> error in coding dates will always show up and the user is forced to fix 
> things (e.g. 29 02 2009)
> dobs ##/##/#### (day, month, year)
> dob <dd/mm/yyyy> (confirm date)
> dobs
>  range 1 31
> end
> field1
>   range 1 12
> end
> field2
>  range 1900 2010
>  after entry
>    dob = date(dobs,field1,field2)
>    if (dob > today) then
>     help "Date @dob is out of range" error
>     clear dob
>     goto dobs
> end
> dob
>  noenter
> end
> Jamie
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