[EpiData-list] New Core Module uploaded.

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Tue Sep 8 21:11:45 CDT 2009

Thanks Torsten,

I have tried:

simple file: 1 numeric field, 4 records, one record has missing value
complex file: 23 fields, 700+ records, lots of missing in numeric, text 
and dates

Stata export/import of complex file - dates and missing values are correct
Excel export of complex file - everything looks OK
Open Office export - simple file OK; complex file is not readable
Open Office import - simple file reads OK; complex file (exported from 
Excel to .ods) reads missing numeric as zero, everything else looks OK
CSV import of complex file - two adjacent missing fields are interpreted 
as a single missing field, so that fields do not line up with .qes and 
import fails
- first record is "A123"<tab>1123<tab><tab>"F" for .qes with ____ #### 
## <A>- "F" is read as third field, which is supposed to be numeric, 
instead of missing third field and "F" in fourth field.

Import should allow errors, up to some limit set by the user. In some 
cases, this is correct behaviour because the source data has errors that 
Epidata will identify, but still want most data to go in correctly.


Torsten wrote:
> I have posted a new version of the Core Module for testing on the 
> EpiData website: http://epidata.dk/testing.php
> With kind regards,
> Torsten Bonde Christiansen.
> Software Developer, Epidata.

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