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As indicated by Christine this is not possible just now, but there is a
"work around".

task: Show proportion of cases among those exposed to a number of
exposures, e.g. OYSTERS PRAWNS CHICKEN in a graph. But DO NOT show among
those in each individual exposure NOT exposed.

1. Create a standard ci plot
   ciplot case OYSTERS PRAWNS CHICKEN /notot
            (notot if you wish to exclude the overall)

2. Paste into a graphing or word processor immediately after creating the
         (shift to that other software and press - ctrl+V)
          Do not rigth click on graph and copy - this will create a bmp file.

3. Edit graph in that software
    a   Here you would delete the parts of the ciplot shown for "non
exposed" to
       each exposure.
    b create a "nice" x-axis indicating the 10 exposures.

4. If you cannot do point 2-3 due to problems create a "BMP" by right
  on the graph and paste into a drawing software, e.g. GLIMP.
    Then use an erase or white pencil and move those parts not desired.

regards Jens Lauritsen
> Hi
> Does anyone have a tip for the best and easiest way to graph the results
> of the attack rate table for an outbreak analysis including confidence
> intervals? I have run the outbreak analysis and generated the attack
> rate table  (TAB CASE 1 OYSTERS PRAWNS CHICKEN etc OA/ex), This is
> great. BUT...
> Now I have been asked to show all the exposures with relative risks
> higher than 2 and CIs that don't include 1 (of which there are about 10)
> on a single graph. The graph must show relative risk, lower confidence
> interval and higher confidence interval for each exposure. I have looked
> at the CI graph in Epidata Analysis but  a) I only want the total and
> the CIPLOT graph shows Yes and No as well as total b) I want to show
> more than one exposure on the same graph and I don't think I can do this
> with the CI.
> Any help much appreciated.
> thanks
> Christine
> Christine Roseveare
> Analyst
> Regional Public Health
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> 027 495 9671
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